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OPT case: Approved in 56 days (22 days less than average)
28 Apr 2014
23 Jun 2014
56 days
01 Jun 2014
23 Jun 2014

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Posted by joewang
11 Jun 2014 #1
On June 11, 2014, we received your correspondence for your I765, APPLICATION FOR EMPLOYMENT AUTHORIZATION . You will receive a notice in the mail when further action is taken on this case. what does this mean?
Posted by dddby
16 Jun 2014 #2
Is this the response to an expedite request? Good luck!
Posted by joewang
16 Jun 2014 #3
yes, I was requesting an expedite request.
Posted by dddby
16 Jun 2014 #4
Did they ask you to provide any evidence? I heard that once the expedite request is approved, it only takes a few days to get the card... Even without the expedition, based on the processing time other April cases take, I assume yours might come out soon. By all means, good luck!

BTW, maybe you've already known that - you can set an email alert by creating a account on USCIS website. It will automatically send update to you so you don't need to refresh the page thousand times everyday.
Posted by grubbyfan
16 Jun 2014 #5
Is there any response to your expedite request? what supporting documents did you sent to the center.
Posted by joewang
16 Jun 2014 #6
I got rejected twice after expedite request with offer letter sent
Posted by betterfutureyx
19 Jun 2014 #7
Hi Joe. Do you have any update? Mine is also April 28.
It seems April 28 cases are starting to clear.
Posted by joewang
19 Jun 2014 #8
still not yet….. anxious
Posted by theVALL
23 Jun 2014 #9
Updates ?
Posted by grubbyfan
23 Jun 2014 #10
Cong! Joe.

I wonder when did you request for expedite relative to when you receive your email (USCIS received your correspondence) in post 1 on Jun. 11th? Did you do anything in-between?
Posted by joewang
23 Jun 2014 #11

Just wait and I think there is some randomness in between
Posted by grubbyfan
26 Jun 2014 #12
Hi Joe,

I wonder after you requested your second expedite, how many days did you want till you got the email saying USCIS has received your correspondence?
Did you mail your offer letter meanwhile?

Thank you!!
Posted by betterfutureyx
02 Jul 2014 #13
Hi Joe,
Did you receive the card in hand? How many days between your card approval and delivery?
Posted by joewang
02 Jul 2014 #14
about one week
Posted by joewang
02 Jul 2014 #15
yes, I mailed

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