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17 Jul 2007
01 Nov 2007
30 Nov -0001
01 Nov 2007
USCIS declined my expeditious request based on financial situation. Dated 26 Sept 2007.

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Posted by memo2sun
03 Oct 2007 #1
Received letter from USCIS dated 26 Sept 2007 declining my request for expeditious service based on my financial situation.
Called USCIS national benefit center to ask for expeditious service. Also declined based on that my case is still within their normal operation time. My case has been pending for 77 days as of 3 Oct 2007. Nothing I can do until it reaches 90 days.
Posted by sharma
03 Oct 2007 #2
What documents did you include in your expedite request?
Posted by memo2sun
03 Oct 2007 #3
I sent offer letter and by bank statement with very small average balance.
Posted by sharma
03 Oct 2007 #4
Others have suggested to send expedite request through your school's international office. Did you request by yourself or via international?
Posted by memo2sun
03 Oct 2007 #5
sharma : I did through my company lawyer. They have legal department assisting this kind of stuff.
Posted by hsingh
04 Oct 2007 #6
It is quite absurd the way the accept the expedite requests, mine was turned down as well, while there are others talking about there expedite being accepted just on the basis of offer letter... I wish there was some system to this... Good Luck!
Posted by memo2sun
04 Oct 2007 #7
hsingh : Yeah, this is really BS process. I don't know but they definetely need to look closely what they are doing. While some people got approval within a month, whereas some waing for 3 months.
Posted by memo2sun
11 Oct 2007 #8
Monday (15 Oct) will be my 90 days "ANNIVERSARY"!!!
I made appointment with local USCIS office for infopass.
Even they won't have interim EAD anymore, I hope they can find out what's wrong with my case.
Posted by hsingh
11 Oct 2007 #9
What does the InfoPass appointment really mean, you actually have to go to the service center (vermont in your case) or you go to the regional USCIS office.

What really is Interim EAD - I have not been able to get much info on it?

Good Luck to you, I hope they are able to figure this out before there is any serious damage to our careers.

Appreciate the information.
Posted by memo2sun
12 Oct 2007 #10
hsingh : Interim EAD is now obsolete. They perished interim EAD last year. Before they got rid of interim EAD, you can get it from local USCIS office as long as 90 days pending status reached.

My company lawyer recommend me to go for infopass which basically inquiring by yourself physically presenting in front of immigration officer. Luckily my town has local USCIS office. I don't have to go to St. Alban for inquiry. That will be a quite a drive.

My company lawyer told me once I reach 90 days limit, infopass will expedite my case no matter what the situation is.

I will keep posted on progress.
Posted by memo2sun
12 Oct 2007 #11
hsingh : Have you heard why you have to expect to see another 114 days before you get EAD approved?
Posted by hsingh
12 Oct 2007 #12
memo: Well, they don't know the exact reason, all that I was told is that each case goes to different officers depending upon the case background and respective officers have there own queues, this is kind of weird, I sometimes think the guys at the service desk don't know what they are talking about.... my school decided to follow up with their liason at the USCIS and expect to hear something today or monday so keeping my fingers crossed, if it takes another 114 days....

Good Luck to every one who is the mercy of USCIS!!

Thank you for sharing the information
Posted by sansan
17 Oct 2007 #13
Any update? Wish the best.
Posted by memo2sun
18 Oct 2007 #14
sansan : I went to INFOPASS on Monday which is exactly 90 days since I filed petition to work authorization.
The immigration officer told me that she just spoke with supervisor in Vermont Service Center. They found my application and gave it to appropriate personnel to process it. And, told me to contact local USCIS again within 20 days if I don't heard from them in that periods.

I thought they are gonna process it right away. It's my misunderstanding, at least so far.
My receipt number is EAC0780011738. In case, I never able to get back to you guys.
I am preparing for moving, hoping to hear from USCIS within in one week.
Posted by sansan
19 Oct 2007 #15
Stay positive! Wish you the best!
Posted by memo2sun
01 Nov 2007 #16
After 107 days, they finally approved my OPT. GOSH..

I want my my fee back!!! I don't want to pay lazy ass in St. Alban.
Posted by sansan
01 Nov 2007 #17

How long did it take to change from 'card in production' to 'approved' or 'card mailed'?
Posted by Buckeye2007
01 Nov 2007 #18
Congratulations memo2sun! Finally.
Did you receive email from USCIS today right after they updated your case? Thanks.
Posted by memo2sun
02 Nov 2007 #19

sansan: On the same day it changed from "approved" to "card production ordered, you will received in 30 days" on 1 Nov.
They also changed LUD on 2 Nov without any change.

Buckeye2007 : I didn't get any email. I found out after HR called me asking status of me. Obviously, my company HR had no
idea just checking because it was 1 Nov. I checked to received email from USCIS though.

Don't trust anything from USCIS. That's my advice from you. When I went to INFOPASS, they told me
it's piece of cake thing.

It turn out another 20 days and more to get approval.
Posted by nbxiaotao
09 Nov 2007 #20
hi, have you received your OPT card yet? Thanks.
Posted by nbxiaotao
26 Nov 2007 #21
Receive EAD card yet? Thanks.
Posted by mariago
28 Nov 2007 #22
Does somebody know what is the fax number to send the expedite letter (Vermont)? I have an offer for Dec. 10 and I am still waiting for the approval (47 days today). Can somebody help me please?

Thank you,


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