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OPT case: Approved in 94 days (-16 days more than average)
23 Mar 2015
25 Mar 2015
25 Jun 2015
25 Jun 2015
94 days
14 Apr 2015
10 Jul 2015

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Posted by cici925
20 Jun 2015 #1
Hi, any updates?
Posted by congmomo
22 Jun 2015 #2
No, you can try those 2 tracking numbers.
SRC1590255657 Received on march 23
SRC1590256657 Received on march 24
Posted by cici925
23 Jun 2015 #3
Do you apply to expedite your case?
Posted by ivylove
23 Jun 2015 #4
You should put in an 'Approaching Regulatory Time' request after 75 days of waiting which tells them to look at your application
Posted by congmomo
23 Jun 2015 #5
My H1B case has been approved, so this opt is meaningless for me.
@eaduh Thanks
Posted by ivylove
24 Jun 2015 #6
Cool! Congrats :D
Posted by journeyland
10 Jul 2015 #7
Hi congmomo,
Have you received your card?
Posted by congmomo
10 Jul 2015 #8
When I received my card, the status is still case received.
And no email or text message received.
Posted by journeyland
10 Jul 2015 #9
looks like USCIS does not always update the online status - thanks for your quick reply :)
Posted by mocharaf
10 Jul 2015 #10
Hi did you put in a 'Approaching Regulatory Time' request?? does it help usually? tomorrow my 75 days time.
Posted by congmomo
10 Jul 2015 #11

Sometimes it may work. I did not ask that.
Sometimes they may ask you for "evidence", then it may take longer.
90 days should be the average.

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