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OPT case: Approved in 84 days (-6 days more than average)
16 Mar 2015
16 Mar 2015
08 Jun 2015
84 days
29 Apr 2015
09 Jun 2015
First time OPT

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Posted by eager1234
01 Jun 2015 #1

Can you please tell me what type of RFE you received?
Posted by davaripa
04 Jun 2015 #2
hey did u get approved yet?
Posted by apanchal2
04 Jun 2015 #3
Not yet..I'm on day 81 and not 87 like my profile suggests but it's still nerve wracking. I didn't receive an RFP either. I called Monday (2 weeks before my 90 day deadline and they put in a Approaching Regulatory time request which tells them my deadline is approaching.
Posted by davaripa
04 Jun 2015 #4
same boat :( they received my case march 17, no news yet :( how did u put in that request? when i called in they just said to wait for the 90 day...
Posted by apanchal2
04 Jun 2015 #5
I had called i think last month and a lady told me to call on day 76 (2 weeks before the 90 day deadline) and let them know the deadline is approaching. When I called, the guy I spoke to helped me file a Approaching Regulatory Time request. So I would call today and ask to file the same request.
Posted by julianamartins
05 Jun 2015 #6
Nothing yet?
Posted by apanchal2
05 Jun 2015 #7
Nope, nothing yet
Posted by davaripa
06 Jun 2015 #8
hey, did u get any response for you approaching regulatory time request?
Posted by apanchal2
06 Jun 2015 #9
Not yet, no.
Posted by apanchal2
09 Jun 2015 #10
Got a change of status online today!! It has changed to "Case was Approved!" FINALLY. Now to lie in wait of the card. Any idea how long it takes?
Posted by chintu1988
10 Jun 2015 #11
Did you get your card ?
Posted by apanchal2
10 Jun 2015 #12
Not yet. The case status changed to 'case approved' only 2 days ago, so it'll take a few days for it to get here.
Posted by chintu1988
16 Jun 2015 #13

Any update on your card?
Posted by apanchal2
16 Jun 2015 #14
Card was mailed to me Friday. So. I'm guessing it'll be here today or tomorroe
Posted by apanchal2
16 Jun 2015 #15
Just tracked my OPT card through USPS and it says it's in my city. So it should be delivered latest by tomorrow!!

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