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OPT case: Approved in 87 days (-9 days more than average)
United States
17 Mar 2015
18 Mar 2015
27 May 2015
Evidence of course of study, transcripts, letter from advisor
08 Jun 2015
12 Jun 2015
12 Jun 2015
87 days
13 May 2015
13 Jun 2015
Expedite request based on financial loss DENIED since employment start date and salary forgone due to lack of EAD cannot qualify as a sufficient financial loss.

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Posted by peritus
22 May 2015 #1
Any updates? What have you done after getting expedite request denied? I am in the same boat.
Posted by vra216
22 May 2015 #2
No updates. I had a congressional request also denied, and I currently have a third expedite request in place being reviewed.
Posted by peritus
22 May 2015 #3
On what grounds are they accepting multiple expedite requests? On the bright side, it seems we are up any day now..
Posted by vra216
22 May 2015 #4
They were not made at the same time:

1. Financial loss - Denied
2. Congressional expedite request - Denied
3. Immigration officer on the phone place a request - Pending
Posted by piaui
28 May 2015 #5
Good luck, I hope we can get ours soon. This is so stressful. I don't understand why this processing would take this long in the internet era...
Posted by vra1947
29 May 2015 #6
I had my OPT filed on the same date 03/18/2015. Mine also has been pending ever since. Not sure why it is taking this long.
Posted by vra216
29 May 2015 #7
I received a notice today that a RFE was mailed home which means a longer wait. I am so fed up with this process. Start date was 5/18 for my internship
Posted by vra1947
29 May 2015 #8
Sorry to hear that. I Know it can be frustrating. How did you get the notification ? through the website? I keep getting this validation errors message on the USCIS website when I check my status.
Posted by vra216
29 May 2015 #9
I have had the same problem. I call everyday--that's how I found out. After that I got an email/text as well saying the letter was mailed. I don't understand how this is not done online... Still haven't received the letter yet.
Posted by vra1947
29 May 2015 #10
Yeah weird system they have got!.. I am getting worried because mine is also pending and my internship was supposed to start on 18th May as well.
Posted by waitingishell
05 Jun 2015 #11
What was the RFE for?
Posted by MargheK
13 Jun 2015 #12
I received an RFE because USCIS didn't see any relation between my major and the field I asked the OPT in. I sent my transcripts and letters from my NYU which clearly proved the relation, still they denied my OPT. What specific evidence did you mail them to have your OPT approved? How did you obtain an expedite processing? Thank you. I'm so frustrated and believe what happened is truly unfair.

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