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OPT case: Approved in 85 days (-7 days more than average)
02 Mar 2015
06 Mar 2015
26 May 2015
26 May 2015
85 days
21 May 2015
27 May 2015

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Posted by jmezapa
22 May 2015 #1
Still not approved? I am waiting for mine too, but there is opt later than us in this website from Texas and they already have being approved, I don't know why.
Posted by texashouston77
22 May 2015 #2
Unfortunately, still nothing
Posted by jmezapa
26 May 2015 #3
nothing yet? when is your starting date?
Posted by texashouston77
27 May 2015 #4
Nothing. I have notified my employer that I will not be able to start on the first week of June.
Posted by jmezapa
27 May 2015 #5
Nice! They approve you! So they approve you and send the EAD the same day?
Posted by texashouston77
27 May 2015 #6
It just changed from case received to card was ordered to be produced
Posted by jmezapa
27 May 2015 #7
that great! congratulations! Mine just show a validation error today , so I guess there working on it. Hopefully i get mine soon.
Posted by tracyfu
28 May 2015 #8
Hey did you mail your offer letter along? I didn't mail it and am wondering if that would slow down the process....
Posted by jmezapa
29 May 2015 #9
do they mail your EAD already?
Posted by texashouston77
29 May 2015 #10
tracyfu, I did not mail my offer letter
Posted by texashouston77
29 May 2015 #11
jmezapa, It says, that case was approved and that card was ordered, and that uscis will mail my approval notice. I do not know if that means that card was mailed or not.
Posted by tracyfu
01 Jun 2015 #12
Hey have you received the card yet?
Posted by texashouston77
02 Jun 2015 #13
Not yet
Posted by tracyfu
02 Jun 2015 #14
Thank you. I'm also from Rice and my intern starting date is next Monday.... I don't even have it approved yet...
Posted by jmezapa
03 Jun 2015 #15
do they send you a tracking number for your approval notice? or just for you EAD?
Posted by texashouston77
03 Jun 2015 #16
Just for card
Posted by tracyfu
11 Jun 2015 #17
Hey did you get your card yet?
Posted by texashouston77
12 Jun 2015 #18
Card was received June 3

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