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OPT case: Approved in 81 days (-3 days more than average)
12 Mar 2015
12 Mar 2015
01 Jun 2015
02 Jun 2015
12 Jun 2015
81 days
28 May 2015
13 Jun 2015
I called for expedite on april 30th and got an email for RFE to which I responded. Nothing Happened! Called again on the 18th of May was approved for expedite on 21st.

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Posted by uscisTRACKING
03 Jun 2015 #1
what document u submit for expedite/rfe
Posted by waiting4eadopt
03 Jun 2015 #2
I submitted my offer letter and a request letter from the company. Also, approached through the local legislator.
Posted by chintu1988
03 Jun 2015 #3

Did your case status change to name updated in between stages?

Posted by waiting4eadopt
03 Jun 2015 #4
I dont think so
Posted by lordKaka
05 Jun 2015 #5
Hey when did u receive ur card?
Posted by waiting4eadopt
05 Jun 2015 #6
Haven't received it yet
Posted by lordKaka
05 Jun 2015 #7
Do they change the status once they mail the card? Also do they give some sort of tracking number
Posted by waiting4eadopt
05 Jun 2015 #8
ya, that seems to be the case with people who have received their cards. They also give a tracking#
Posted by baru123
09 Jun 2015 #9
Can you please let me know ? how you expedited. I thought we need to call them to expedite. Whats the no ? what was the reason you gave for expedite?
Did they ask you to send the documents ?
Posted by waiting4eadopt
09 Jun 2015 #10
First, you'll have to call them at 1-800-375-5283 . Tell them about your circumstance and request expedite. If they need more info, you'll get an email. If you expedite request is accepted then you will get a confirmation email.

I sent appointment letter and also informed that I have already missed a start date.
Posted by hdeasy
15 Jun 2015 #11
Did you receive EAD card with I797 approve notice by mail together because I only received I797? Thanks.
Posted by waiting4eadopt
15 Jun 2015 #12
Generally they come in separately. You should received your card shortly.
Posted by hdeasy
15 Jun 2015 #13
Thanks for the information.

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