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OPT case: Approved in 63 days (15 days less than average)
14 May 2015
19 May 2015
15 Jul 2015
Show further evidence for expedition request
15 Jul 2015
16 Jul 2015
20 Jul 2015
22 Jul 2015
63 days
29 May 2015
23 Jul 2015
see my reply below for details. Card ordered date I put here is my guess because it was never updated. EAD received is when the international office received the EAD.

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Posted by aver301
14 Jul 2015 #1
I fee like Indian applications at the Texas Service Center are taking the longest. All other applications from different centers and other countries are moving faster :(
Posted by gk9910
21 Jul 2015 #2
Our cases look really similar...
Filed on the same day and received by the same service center on the same day. And we are even from the same university!!!
Mine is still pending. How about yours?
Posted by babuofusa
21 Jul 2015 #3
mine is approved on july 16th, i have not updated here, i will once i hear if my EAD was oredered or mailed.
Posted by anukool14
21 Jul 2015 #4
Hi what did your case status change to? My file was received on 21st May and the online status is, "case was received"
Posted by babuofusa
21 Jul 2015 #5
Filed: 14May2015
USCIS Received: 19May2015
Receipt Received by Intern'l Office at the Univ: 02Jun2015
Receipt Handed To The Applicant: 11Jun2015
Applicant was offered a job, and the start date coincidentally was same as OPT start date requested.
Called customer Service to Expedite: 10July2015,
Received RFE: 15July2015,
Replied RFE: 15July2015
Immigration Officer Replied Evidence provided is good enough to expedite the case: 16July2015
Online Status Shows Case Was Approved: 16July2015

No update ever since....fingers crossed.
Posted by babuofusa
23 Jul 2015 #6
.......Continued from my last post

Received a letter at my home address from USCIS saying form I-765 has been approved, EAD card will be sent separately 21July2015
No status change online 21July2015
Called customer service (I was told wait for 30 days from approval date before anything could be done) 21July2015
Online status shows Case was approved 9am EDT 22July2015
Online status shows Card was mailed 11am EDT 22July2015
Online status shows card was delivered and USPS 2-day priority mail tracking number is available 2pm EDT 22July2015
Tracking number shows card was mailed 21July2015
Tracking number shows card was delivered 10am 22July2015 to an individual.
It was not delivered to my home address. Called university's international office. I was told they can't check if it was delivered, if it was delivered, a new I-20 will be issued then only I can get the EAD and new I-20. (so may be in next 5 business days, Thank God my start date is 10Aug2015)

Posted by KruWASHDC
23 Jul 2015 #7
Hi tomato1, I need your advice on the next step I can take to get my card faster.

USCIS Received Date: 07 May 2015
Service request filed Approaching Regulatory Time request on 22nd July 2015
Joining date 3rd August 2015. Already postponed thrice.

What can I do to expedite my request now?

The status of this service request is:

The Vermont Service Center (VSC) recognizes that the application you are inquiring about is approaching normal processing times. A review of electronic systems indicates that your petition is currently with an Immigration Service Officer. You should receive a decision notice or notice of other action within 60 days of the date of this letter.
Posted by mjdm5
23 Jul 2015 #8
Hi! I was wondering if it would be ok to ask what your reason was for the expedite? how you phrased it? I'm trying to get an expedite request approved and I was wondering what the magic words/reasons are.
Posted by babuofusa
23 Jul 2015 #9
@KruWashDC and @mjdm5 leave your emails here. I will try to help you guys.
Posted by Karthick12
23 Jul 2015 #10
USCIS received my application on 19 May 2015. The status has not changed yet. Now I am thinking to expedite the application. @babuofusa could you please tell what were your reasons to get expedite request approved.
Posted by babuofusa
23 Jul 2015 #11
@Karthick12 create your case and let other get helped to understand the process with your details. provide as much details as you can. i will try to help once i understand your situation
Posted by Karthick12
23 Jul 2015 #12
I created a new case. Please provide suggestions.
Posted by AliuAnthony
28 Jul 2015 #13
@babuofsa please what was your expedite reason? How did you get your request approved. I'm trying to expedite my application and it will be helpful to know how to phrase it. Thank you!
Posted by babuofusa
29 Jul 2015 #14
I had a faculty job offer from Fall 2015. I mentioned semester can't be pushed. They accepted my argument.
Posted by AliuAnthony
29 Jul 2015 #15
Thank you for your quick response. Did you include a job offer letter?
Posted by babuofusa
29 Jul 2015 #16
yes i did.

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