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OPT case: Approved in 85 days (-7 days more than average)
16 Mar 2015
20 Mar 2015
09 Jun 2015
85 days
02 Jun 2015
11 Jun 2015
just applied for expedite a moment ago... got refused 5 dayys later. [UPDATE] Jun 9th. New Card Is Being Produced.

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Posted by uscisTRACKING
02 Jun 2015 #1
hi ...i saw u got rfe ...what was rfe about ?
Posted by lemberi
03 Jun 2015 #2
sorry in fact I clicked it by accident. It means Request for Evidence (I guess)
Posted by julianamartins
03 Jun 2015 #3
I'm still waiting too. This is so stressful. How can we ask for the case to be expedited? I just called and they told me to wait for the 90th day.
Posted by tracyfu
03 Jun 2015 #4
Hi julianamartins, let me know how it goes if you expedite. I'm having an intern starting next Monday and there is no chance I can start by then. My university told me not to expedite as it sometimes results in longer waiting.
Posted by julianamartins
03 Jun 2015 #5
Hey tracy, I had a job waiting for me, but my employer couldn't wait longer... It sucks! I'm not sure what to do, I guess I'll wait 10 more days until I reach the 90 day.
Posted by tracyfu
03 Jun 2015 #6
Hey julianamartins, I'm in a similar situation as you are. I have to watch other interns start while I can't do anything else. Good luck on both of us!
Posted by tracyfu
04 Jun 2015 #7
Hey did they respond to you expedition request?
Posted by julianamartins
04 Jun 2015 #8
Are you asking me? I didn't ask for it. I'm still waiting... I'm under the impression that the Texas office is the slowest one...
Posted by tracyfu
04 Jun 2015 #9
Oh I was asking lemberi, and yeah it is... I'm trying hard not to try to expidite
Posted by julianamartins
04 Jun 2015 #10
Do you know the process? Could you tell me? I'm almost reaching the 90th day.
Posted by tracyfu
04 Jun 2015 #11
You need to call there number 1-800-375-5283 and follow the instructions. Let me know how it goes.
Posted by lemberi
04 Jun 2015 #12
@tracyfu I just called them and told the guy who answered that I need to start next monday and I want to expedite. He gave me a confirmation number and told me I would receive a response in 5 business days (which is soooooo long my god)

@julianamartins I am in my 80th days and they didn't say anything like I have to wait for 90 days. In fact I think you can apply after a few weeks. You should call them again.

I also checked mycasetracker.org and Taxes is definitely the slowest one aaaaahh. I don't know why my application takes so long. My friend received her card after 70 days....
Posted by lemberi
04 Jun 2015 #13
Posted by julianamartins
04 Jun 2015 #14
@lemberi I'm definitely calling again tomorrow. I keep losing jobs because this process is slow. Keep us updated please! Thanks.
Posted by lemberi
04 Jun 2015 #15
by the way, you could also use http://www.mycasetracker.org/index.php?dest=receipt
Put your receipt number and search for a range (i like to use 100), then you could see the process and make a better estimate of where you are right now. I just found that there is one less in process today, so I know they are processing right now (very slowly...)
Posted by lemberi
04 Jun 2015 #16
and good luck with you @julianamartins
Posted by tracyfu
04 Jun 2015 #17
Hey I just called to check my status and they signed me for a biometric test....it's gonna take longer and I don't know what I can do about it
Posted by julianamartins
04 Jun 2015 #18
Very weird, why do you have to make a biometrics test? Wtf.

@lemberi thank you for the links, very helpful.
Posted by tracyfu
04 Jun 2015 #19
They are just making things harder for applicants.
Posted by julianamartins
04 Jun 2015 #20
I'm so envy of these people who got their case approved in 60-70 days...
Posted by lemberi
05 Jun 2015 #21
yes me too... one of my friends applied ten days earlier than me and got her OPT in the first week of May, BUT she figured out that she will not use her OPT at all! I wish I could use her card...
Posted by lemberi
06 Jun 2015 #22

I called them again today. When I called USCIS on Monday, I was told that I would receive response upon my expedite request in 5 business days but I did not hear anything today.

A lady took my phone and told me it could take up to 30 days to process my request. I was like "are you kidding me"? I responded that my company and I were experiencing financial loss and we could not wait for this card any longer. I really need to start as soon as possible.

She said she could add a service request for me (not sure about the name) that marks the case that took longer than expected (longer than 75 days). It was the 78th days since they received my application so it works. She said it could be helpful. I hope it is helpful. But I still need to wait for up to 30 days to receive a response of my expedite request.

I am running out of money in my bank account. My manager is waiting for me. I really wish they could give me the approve notice next Monday... as soon as possible >_
Posted by julianamartins
07 Jun 2015 #23
30 days?! My god. I tried emailing my local congressman but I haven't heard anything from him yet. I don't know what else to do...
Posted by congmomo
09 Jun 2015 #24
SRC1590244544 this case was recieved by March 17. it just approved yesterday.
Posted by lemberi
10 Jun 2015 #25
Why does my case number starts with EAC? could I expect to receive my card by the end of the week?
Posted by apanchal2
11 Jun 2015 #26
@lemberi, I just got my case approved on 9th of June. Hoping our cards get here by next monday!
Posted by congmomo
11 Jun 2015 #27

The first three letters indicate the USCIS service center which is processing the petition, as follows:
– EAC – Vermont Service Center;
– WAC – California Service Center;
– LIN – Nebraska Service Center; and
– SRC – Texas Service Center.
Posted by lemberi
11 Jun 2015 #28
@congmomo Wow! I thought my case is in Texas, because I send my case to Texas address. That's wired... Thank you for telling me this

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