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OPT case: Approved
05 Nov 2007
15 Jan 2008
27 Feb 2008
Northwestern University
30 Nov -0001
22 Aug 2008
App mailed 11/1/07, Rcvd by service center 11/5/07, receipt notice received 11/7/07, check deposited 11/7/07; expedite req faxed on 1/15/07, card production ordered on 1/15/07; approval notice sent on 1/17, rcvd 1/22 - BUT STILL NO EAD card!

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Posted by optapplicant
16 Jan 2008 #1
Hi I was wondering did you call them? what did you write in the cover letter? Thanks,
Posted by joyjoy95
16 Jan 2008 #2
I called them, but they were not much help so I talked to my school's international office. She contacted the Nebraska Service center about my case on Jan. 10th and she forwarded my expedite request to the officer handling my case. She didn't want me to fax my documents so as not to abuse the system but since nothing was happening, I faxed my supporting documents on Jan.15th. My card was ordered by the end of the day.

My cover letter stated in bold "EXPEDITE REQUEST FOR I-765 (F-1 OPT) WITH A JOB OFFER". I said that my potential boss wanted me to start immediately. Also, I said that my financial resources will continue to be depleted if I am not authorized to work ASAP. I also provided my receipt number, complete name, bday and address.

Good luck!
Posted by rlanka
01 Feb 2008 #3
Hi joyjoy,
You will receive your card after the status changes to "Approval Notice Sent". I got a letter from them saying that they would need a week after the card was approved (on 17th Jan) and my status change to "Approval Notice Sent" on 01/28.
All the best.
Posted by joyjoy95
11 Feb 2008 #4
I just called USCIS today and a customer service rep actually agreed to transfer me to an immigration officer. And then I got the frustrating news that my EAD card was returned as undeliverable on Jan. 28th, 2008!!!!!! Firstly, I don't know why that would be since I got the receipt notice and the approval notice just fine. Secondly, the most frustrating thing was that I kept calling USCIS after Jan. 28th to ask about my card because I thought it was taking longer than average to process. But since they said it was still less than 30 days since my approval, they couldn't do anything about it. They also wouldn't respond to my request to talk to someone who had more access to the system (until today) !!! And so my word of advice, keep calling USCIS and request that you be transferred to an immigration officer. The one I talked to was very understanding and helpful and he said that the customer service reps should have transferred me to an officer when they couldn't help.

I just hope the card gets here soon. My start date will probably be a month old by the time I get it but that's another problem to worry about later.
Posted by fairfox
13 Feb 2008 #5
How did this happen? I mean how could the mail was returned with undeliverable. Did you change your address without notifying them? Thank you very much. Because I am in the same situation as yours I would like to know more information about it. Thank you.
Posted by joyjoy95
13 Feb 2008 #6
Hi, Fairfox. I have no idea how this happened. The address USCIS originally had was correct and as I said, I got my receipt notice and approval letter. I even called the post office and they don't know why it happened either. To prevent it from happening again, I just had it sent to a different address (I live in two cities, shuttling back and forth) and I just hope it arrives soon.

Keep calling USCIS and ask them to transfer you to an immigration officer. If they say no, just call again and try again (and again..). Good luck!

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