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OPT case: Approved in 78 days (-0 days more than average)
14 Nov 2016
16 Nov 2016
31 Jan 2017
78 days
28 Nov 2016
31 Jan 2017
OPT STEM Extension. Request for SR (1/27/17)

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Posted by bestofluck2
01 Feb 2017 #1
Hi, I see that you request SR on 1/27, when can we submit SR? and do I just submit SR on USCIS website? my received date is 11/23.
thank you very much!
Posted by indopt
01 Feb 2017 #2
After your application is pending more than 75 days. I requested SR on the 76th day i believe. You just need to call the customer support and tell them that it's more than 75 days and you would like to request an SR. They ordered my card 4 days after I requested an SR. So goodluck!
Posted by srip
01 Feb 2017 #3
@indopt -- What did you tell them because I have seen some cases that C. Service told them to wait for 30 more days or someother reason.......
Posted by indopt
01 Feb 2017 #4
I basically told them that it's already more than 75 days and I would like to request an SR. That's all. They will confirm your name and address.
Posted by kiwifruit12
01 Feb 2017 #5
Hi Indopt, thank you for all the updates! Congratulations on the approval of your STEM OPT!
Posted by bestofluck2
01 Feb 2017 #6
thank you indopt! and congrats!
Posted by sns3016
09 Feb 2017 #7
Was yours routed to Potomac ?
Posted by indopt
09 Feb 2017 #8

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