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OPT case: Approved in 48 days (30 days less than average)
22 Mar 2017
24 Mar 2017
09 May 2017
13 May 2017
48 days
01 May 2017
19 May 2017

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Posted by tonyverma
15 May 2017 #1
is yours stem opt extension too like mine?
Posted by as4xa
18 May 2017 #2
any updateS?
Posted by sri1985
19 May 2017 #3
Hi yes i am on STEM extension. My case got approved last week on the 10th of May and I received the card yesterday.

1. My employer had filed for my H1B and on May 3rd I received a notification that my H1B application was received. ( Selected in Lottery).
2. A week later I got a notification that my case status for the OPT extension had changed, I am not sure if this was because my H1B had been picked and my OPT time was ending on June 6th.

Technically my case got approved in around less than 45 days. Much lesser than the time it took for my first OPT application which took almost 65 days. All the best the those waiting. I am hearing from my friends that USCIS has been working faster this year to give first preference in approving OPT cases and H1B for those in Masters. So good luck to all of you
Posted by tonyverma
22 May 2017 #4
mine is stem opt and receipt is YSC17901530**. Can you please share yours so I can guess how much time it would take for my application to process. Mine is also same 3/24/2017 USCIS received date. Please let me know.
Posted by sri1985
22 May 2017 #5
I am 900 numbers more than you. I did some analysis and there are around 3 to 6K application landing in each center for OPT extensions alone.

But i think the reason for my fast approval is because my application probably got picked in the lottery and they probably thought about the cap gap and hence probably approved the extension.

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