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OPT case: Approved in 89 days (-16 days more than average)
10 Nov 2017
13 Nov 2017
07 Feb 2018
07 Feb 2018
14 Feb 2018
89 days
17 Dec 2017
14 Feb 2018
24 month OPT Extension; Raised a SR on phone on 6th feb; Status changed to card is being produced on 7th Feb; Receipt #: YSC1890041***; Card was mailed to me on 9th Feb

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Posted by opttrackste
09 Feb 2018 #1
To which Potomac Service center location was your application sent?
Posted by jaychatterjee
09 Feb 2018 #2
I forwarded my application to a lockbox facility in Dallas. It was then re-routed to a potomac service center (IDK if there are multiple such facilities)
Posted by frisbee
12 Feb 2018 #3
Hi, have you received your card yet?
Posted by jaychatterjee
12 Feb 2018 #4
Not yet. It was mailed to me on 9th Feb
Posted by tipparti
12 Feb 2018 #5
Hi @jaychatterjee,

How did you raise SR thru Phone? I called them but I couldn’t get through to the right department.

Posted by jaychatterjee
12 Feb 2018 #6
I don't remember how I navigated their automated system, but if you listen to options correctly, you will come across an option to talk to a customer representative. I know the option for that is by pressing 0, just not sure in which menu.
Posted by frisbee
14 Feb 2018 #7
Did you receive your card? Mine was mailed yesterday, I'm trying o figure out how long it'll take for me to receive it. Thanks!
Posted by jaychatterjee
14 Feb 2018 #8
Yes I got my EAD card today.
Posted by frisbee
15 Feb 2018 #9
Hi Jay, thanks for all your replies. Did you receive an approval notice also before you received your card?
Posted by frisbee
15 Feb 2018 #10
Today I just received the approval notice but not the card, and it says I’ll get the card separately. I was wondering if that’s normal or should I contact USCIS.
Posted by jaychatterjee
16 Feb 2018 #11
That is normal. Even though I got both the same day, I think it's common for ppl to receive both on separate days. I wouldn't call USCIS

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