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OPT case: Approved in 79 days (-1 days more than average)
02 May 2018
03 May 2018
20 Jul 2018
20 Jul 2018
23 Jul 2018
79 days
universiy of Pittsburgh
09 May 2018
24 Jul 2018
YSC1890216xxx OPT extension

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Posted by can2018
23 Jul 2018 #1
Congratulations! would you mind sharing third digit of your receipt number from last?
Posted by guangyi1012
23 Jul 2018 #2
it's 2
Posted by can2018
23 Jul 2018 #3
Posted by opt099
24 Jul 2018 #4

Did they mail your card?
Posted by matchy
24 Jul 2018 #5

Did USCIS update your case status to approval or only DHS update?
Posted by matchy
24 Jul 2018 #6
I also have YSC1890216xxx but i am still waiting, so I want to know if they text you when they approve or case or only update on website?
Posted by guangyi1012
24 Jul 2018 #7
to opt099, yes, actually the card arrived yesterday.
Posted by guangyi1012
24 Jul 2018 #8
to matchy, USCIS did update my status on 20th July, I didn't check on 18 or 19th, it says USPS has pickup my card on that day.

and I didn't receive any text or email update about that even I signed up., not sure where went wrong.
Posted by ppaazz
24 Jul 2018 #9
When did your case change to the card being picked up?
Posted by ppaazz
24 Jul 2018 #10
When did you get the notification that you card was being produced?
Posted by guangyi1012
25 Jul 2018 #11
to ppaazz, I checked on 20th July, it was picked up by then, didn't see the update about "card being produced". not sure if I missed it since I haven't checked for a few days before 7.20
Posted by ppaazz
25 Jul 2018 #12
Awesome thank you! Did you get given a tracking number? Mine was put in the mail on 24th so i hope to get it on 26th or 27th.
Posted by guangyi1012
26 Jul 2018 #13
to ppaazz, yes, I was given a USPS tracking number, the mail arrived at my school after 3 days, I got it on the 4th day.
Posted by ppaazz
26 Jul 2018 #14
What did your notification say when it was mailed? Mine only says "We mailed your card to you. The USPS will deliver it" .. So nothing about a tracking number. Mine is being mailed to my school too.
Posted by ppaazz
26 Jul 2018 #15
Maybe its because my notification is only on DHL and not updated on USCIS

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