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OPT case: Approved in 97 days (-19 days more than average)
24 Jul 2018
25 Jul 2018
29 Oct 2018
29 Oct 2018
97 days
15 Oct 2018
29 Oct 2018

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Posted by optracker_88
24 Oct 2018 #1
Receipt number in the range: 99xxx
Posted by akj1989
30 Oct 2018 #2
Hi optracker_88,
My receipt number is also in the range 99xxx. Can you share the initial numbers, that will help me get a better idea. Thanks!
Posted by optracker_88
31 Oct 2018 #3
It’s YSC18920299xxx. I had called USCIS and they agreed to expedite the process, but in the meantime, it got approved.
Posted by liux314
01 Nov 2018 #4
Hello, what did you tell USCIS to expedite your case? Thank you!
Posted by youngere
01 Nov 2018 #5
Thanks for sharing. I am curious too on how to expedite student OPT? I tried and got denied.
My new job supposedly should start Oct 31 and now I had to postpone.
Posted by optracker_88
01 Nov 2018 #6
I called and requested for expedite process stating that the delay in process was causing financial loss.
Posted by eeswaratluri
03 Nov 2018 #7
Hi, My employer wants to take this path, and asked me if I can get any info about it.
Would you mind sharing how you were able to demonstrate the financial loss?or what kind of documents did you provide to support your claims?
Posted by optracker_88
05 Nov 2018 #8
I called USCIS and requested if they could expedite the process. I mentioned that I had a job offer and the company was waiting for me to join the company and claimed the financial loss.

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