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May 2020 Visa Bulletin Analysis

With a complete lockdown in place and all USCIS offices shut down due to Coronavirus, there was little hope that priority dates will move at all. When the US government announced a 60-day immigration ban on most green card processings, any hope of even seeing the May 2020 visa bulletin went out of the window. So when the visa bulletin was finally released, a forward move in priority dates, however small was a welcome treat.

May 2020's visa bulletin announced an advancement in most employment based visa categories. 

While EB-1 is current for all countries worldwide, excluding India and China the remaining EB categories have seen some modest advancement in cut-off dates.

For India, special mention goes to EB-3 and EB-5. These saw the furthest forward moves in cut-off dates with 6 weeks and 9 months respectively.

For China, as well, the EB-5 jumped to July 1, 2015 - a 6 week advancement.

USCIS also announced that they will be honoring Final Action dates for adjustment of status filings in May. This is the same as in April 2020's Visa Bulletin.

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