July 2020 Visa Bulletin Analysis

The July 2020 visa bulletin has finally brought in some good news. After months of slow movements and a slew of immigration bans, a sudden upward movement in the employment based categories was a welcome respite.

While most categories saw some positive movement, it was the applicants under the EB-1 category that had the biggest reason to celebrate. Among the prominent countries, India was the biggest beneficiary with a 11 month forward jump in the EB-1 category. While EB-5 remains current, both EB-2 and EB-3 have advanced to July 8 and June 1, 2009 respectively.

Coronavirus pandemic and the resultant unemployment has wracked havoc to the US economy. This, followed by the entry bans instituted by the US government has impacted green card priority dates.

As of March, yr. 2020 was only predicting retrogressions. However, with a ban on new green card applicants into the US, the demand for permanent residency has reduced. EB categories for ROW have either become current or advanced by over a year.

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