April 2020 Visa Bulletin Predictions

March 2020 visa bulletin announced a reversal of priority dates for the EB-3 category of employment visas. As our predictions go, EB-3 is expected to remain in this retrogressed state for the next few visa bulletins. Right now it is back-dated by three years.We don't anticipate much movement in the immediate future.

The first quarter of 2020 showed little spurts of movement here and there. However going forward, given the pattern our predictions for EB-3 show that it will move forward only by a couple of days at a time. So until June, we foresee forward movement by a week at the most for each monthly visa bulletin.

Other categories of employment based visas, EB-1 and EB-2 will have some action once USCIS completes the processing of new H1-B registrants this April. 

Added to this, the Coronavirus health scare and the consequent drop in the market will impact overall processing. This is going to have a negative impact to adjustments to priority dates as well. But having said that, PERM filings will not stagger and as such the demand will still stay top of the line keeping the process live.

Lastly, USCIS will announce the cutoff dates for adjustment of status applications. This will help determine whether processing will happen vbased on the Dates for Filing chart or the Final Action chart. Stay tuned for the final April 2020 Visa Bulletin to be released