March 2020 Visa Bulletin Predictions

  • EB-1Category: With all countries remaining current last month, it is expected to remain so in February as well. This time, we are hoping that China too can go up by a month or a little more. India is still lying in the skeptical zone and may stall at its current January 1, 2015 cutoff date.
  • EB-2Category: The next month may have some action for India and China albeit negligible. Our assessment is these countries will move forward by at the most a month each. The remaining will see any movement only after May in the Eb2 category.
  • EB-3Category: This is where applicants can expect to see some movement. Both India and China should move forward by a month or more while all other countries of chargeability will see forward movement no later than March 2020.
  • EB- 5Category: The demand for EB5 category is expected to increase as the year rolls in and this will impact India and China the most. With cutoff dates expected to advance faster then, both these countries stand to benefit. EB5 will remain current for most countries.