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Application Final Action Dates August 2016

State Department released the August 2016 Visa Bulletin that shows the visa bulletin cutoff dates for green card applicants from retrogressed countries. This chart indicates the cut off date for final actions on pending I-485 applications.

Shown below are the visa bulletin cutoff dates for the last 12 months from today. To keep track of activity around your priority date, subscribe to the Green Card Dashboard.

Category Cutoff Date
(August 2016 Visa Bulletin)
Cutoff Date
(Previous Bulletin)
EB2 China01 January 2010 01 January 2010
EB2 India15 November 2004 01 November 2004
EB3 China01 January 2010 01 January 2010
EB3 India08 November 2004 22 October 2004
EB3 Mexico15 March 2016 01 March 2016
EB3 Philippines15 May 2009 15 February 2009
EB3 ROW15 March 2016 01 March 2016

Employment-Based Visa Bulletin Cutoff Dates for Last 12 Months

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Posted by veenaponavan 05 Aug 2016

I am bringing this to awareness if anyone is not aware of this. Pardon me if this is already a known fact.

It looks like there are two VISA Bulletins. One published by DOS(Department of State) and another published by USCIS. The point that I am trying to bring awareness about here is that, though DOS visa bulletin is having two chart for filing I-485 i.e. filing date and Final action date, the USCIS visa bulletin has only Final action date on it. Usually the filing date will be much forward than the Final action date. This allows us to file I-485 even before the Priority date becomes current. This will help us get additional benefits of EAD and use AC21 portability rule after 180 days.
But since USCIS visa bulletin is only having Final action date in the EB category, USCIS is not accepting I-485 applications to be filed based on the Filing date that DOS visa bulletin. USCIS was publishing Filing date chart in this visa bulletin until Nov 2015. After which they stopped it and proving only filing action date.

Sell the below links both VISA bulletins for difference
DOS Visa bulletin -->
USCIS visa bulletin -->

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