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Visa Bulletin

Application Final Action Dates September 2018

Shown below are the visa bulletin cutoff dates for the last 12 months from today. To keep track of activity around your priority date, subscribe to the Green Card Dashboard.

Category Cutoff Date
(September 2018 Visa Bulletin)
Cutoff Date
(Previous Bulletin)
EB2 China01 January 2013 01 March 2015
EB2 India01 January 2007 15 March 2009
EB3 China01 November 2014 01 July 2014
EB3 India01 January 2003 01 January 2009
EB3 Mexico01 November 2016 
EB3 Philippines01 November 2016 01 June 2017
EB3 ROW01 November 2016 

Employment-Based Visa Bulletin Cutoff Dates for Last 12 Months